Bishop's Speech

The operations of Caritas Gboko are approved by a team of Deanery Coordinators of 9, who meet every 3 months with the Bishop in attendance at some instances. All issues and intervention are tabled before this group and decisions jointly agreed upon. All of members have equal opportunities in decisions taken by the group; this is done to reflect the mindset of the entire members of Caritas composition. The project governance approach is designed using bottom top approach. The justice and peace committees at the community level identify a problem, pass it to the Zonal Coordinator, then to the Deanery Coordinator and finally to the Diocesan Caritas Office. Reporting of activities is done using the same structures. It is the belief of Caritas Gboko that project initiated by community themselves has a better sustainability than those brought from outside. Attached is the structural organogram of Caritas Gboko.