The Catholic Bishop of Gboko Diocese Most Rev William Avenya calls for peace among the various youth groups in Gboko. This was voiced out during a meeting with various youth groups in the diocese at the St John the Baptist Cathedral Gboko. Accompanying the Bishop, was ,the Vicar-General Rev Fr Emmanuel Udu, the Chancellor Rev Fr Isaac Dugu, the Cathedral Administrator Rev Fr Gabriel Igberikon, the Coordinator for Caritas Gboko Rev Fr Emmanuel Asue and Caritas Secretary Robert Abuul.

The youth groups in attendance were, Jemgbagh Youth Association led by Comrade Akor Andiir, Civilian Joint Taskforce led by Aondonengen Anshar, Gboko Indigenous Association under the leadership of Raymond Chiakyor, Amnesty Group under Ternenge Cia and APC Youth Leader Dekera Vergwar. All the groups in attendance came with a fraction of their members to the meeting.

Opening Address:

In his opening remarks, using his experienced while working in war-turned Liberia in then 90s, as a way of drawing attention to the place reasoning through dialogue of this Nature. He traced his engagement with various categories of stakeholders within Tivland and most especially Gboko in the promotion of peace and development in the land. The Bishop reemphasis that his cardinal objectives when elected as Bishop to Gboko Diocese was to ensure that peace prevails in Tivland, irrespective of one's background, language, parenting, religion, clan and economic status.

God has so blessed Tivland with various gifts of land resource, handwork, creativity, single language, and intelligence but in all this blessing God has planted in us ill feelings among us. In spite of all these blessing and fame of Gboko; there are problems confronting our existence in this land. These contentious issues are:

These issues has created a lot of fear in the land and many are running to other cities in search of peace. Even with this, the church is committed toward bringing development and also to invite other development partners to come and help.

He appeal that, the youth should be willing to work and face the challenges confronting our common security here in Gboko. We most put an end to these problems and unstill progressive ideas.

           Figure 1: Bishop Williams at the pick of his discussion


In the course of interacting with the group certain issues came out that triggers insecurity among or around the city of Gboko. These issues were are as follows:


Finally the groups agreed on the following submission together with Bishop Avenya, there as followed:- It is high time will stop been used or manipulated by political elite in the land for their undue advantages.

A vote of thanks and closing prayer was said by Rev Fr Emmanuel Udu and the Bishop gave the final blessing.