Our Vision

Caritas Gboko in its quality as the social arm of the Church is entrusted with the task of fighting against injustice, promoting the dignity of the poor and above all the dignity of God's entire creation As such its vision is:

“The realization of a just society where rights of people are respected, integral development is promoted by building communities through an empowering process”.

Our Mission

In order to achieve this vision, Caritas will be an institution to empower the poor through animation and community organization and above all through a mutual learning process.

Consequently its mission will contribute to restore human dignity of the poor and will liberate them from the clutches of poverty.

Caritas Gboko is the instrument of the local Church to implement the social teachings of the Church into action in the Gbokon society. As such it is the social arm of the Church to take up all activities of solidarity in the Gbokon society.

Guiding Principles in the work of Caritas Gboko

  1. The Dignity of the Human Person
    Every human person is of infinite dignity and has rights and duties by virtue of being human. Moreover we are all of equal dignity.
  2. Association
    We are meant to be in community. Besides the family, people also have a right to form socio-economic, religious and political associations for the development of the common good and for personal development.
  3. Subsidiarity
    These natural groupings should be helped to flourish and not be disempowered by having a higher-level body take over what these groups can do for themselves.
  4. Participation
    We have a right and duty to have a say and take action in what determines our well-being and our future.
  5. The Common Good
    We must seek the good of the broader community and not just our own interests. Moreover, the concerns of everyone need to be addressed and not just what suits the majority.
  6. Universal Destination of Goods
    God intended for all the world’s resources to be enjoyed by everyone, and not just a few. Moreover, we should have a preferential option for the poor and see to it that the most vulnerable also have what they need.
  7. Solidarity
    Every human person is connected to every other person. We are called to serve one another and to build up the human family.
  8. Dignity of Work
    Human work even in its humblest form has an intrinsic dignity. This also implies the need to ensure that all people have working conditions worthy of the children of God.
  9. Dignity of Creation
    We are not owners but stewards of God's creation. Caring for the earth, for each other and for ourselves is an essential part of our mission.
  10. Peacemaking
    We are called to seek true and lasting peace, which implies right relationships all round - within ourselves, with God, one another and the environment.